Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Eyeliner Tips & Tricks

By learning how to use eyeliner properly, you could enhance smaller eyes, decrease larger eyes and create endless amounts of different looks for every occasion you have coming up in your future. It can be hard to imagine for many women that there is actually a technique to using eyeliner but when used correctly you can be sure to create the look of celebrities.

You want to find a happy medium between a casual eyeliner addition to your face and looking like a very high maintenance woman who cannot leave the house without a face full of makeup. Eyeliner is meant to enhance your eyes in a subtle way, when overused you are creating a look that may be more severe than you intend. To achieve the everyday look that women want for going to work or running errands, it is important to not only apply the eyeliner with a light hand but to choose a lighter shade of eyeliner rather than black or kohl. For many people these shades are far too dark and no matter how light you try to apply them, they always look too severe on many complexions.

The smoky eye is a very popular this year and although it does portray a darker image, it can still be accomplished even if you have a lighter complexion. First the key is to buy the eyeliner that offers the blending brush on the opposite end. This is the key component to achieving this look with very little effort. First you need to start from the inside corner of your eye and work your way outward, trying to make the center of the eyelid the thickest. Then take the other end of your eyeliner (the blender) or use a cotton swab to smudge the eyeliner you just created. Layering the liner with a light layer of eye shadow is the key to the smoky eye.

If you are looking for a bolder look, no matter what your complexion you buy a darker eyeliner color and instead of stopping the line ¾ of the way across the lid, going all the way across from the inside corner to the outside corner can create the dramatic look you are looking for that special night on the town. By combining this dramatic eyeliner technique with the smoky grey or black eye shadow across the liner you added as the crease of your eye lid you have created a simple and dramatic look for any event.

One of the most important factors of using your eyeliner correctly is to make sure that you are using a high quality product. You will not achieve any of these eyeliner techniques by using cheap eyeliner. By choosing brands like Maybelline, CoverGirl, Loreal Paris and Lancome, you can count on the high quality you need to make your new eye look last all day and all night. Although you will find that these products cost a bit more than others, it is more than worth it in the long run.

Take note of these great eyeliner techniques as you can create the look of celebrities in just a few short minutes right from your home. You will be amazed just how much better your makeup will look when you apply these simple techniques. Right now you may think there is nothing wrong with your eye makeup but by taking the chance on these new techniques you may be surprised just how much better you look. Invest in some great eye shadow and brushes to make sure you have the tools to create the looks listed above and the many popular trends of 2008.

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Open Your Eyes To The Magic Of Eyeliner

If you are going to put on makeup, you have to make sure that what you are applying is complimenting your looks and making you more beautiful. There is really no point in spending time to apply makeup if it will just ruin your pretty face.

One makeup that a lot of women don't know how to handle is the eyeliner. Just look around you and you will see that many women look fiercer, out of style, or simply untidy whenever they use eyeliner. Do not commit the same mistakes that these women are guilty of; read on and learn how to use this makeup accessory more effectively.

Types of Eyeliner


The most popular type of eyeliner is the pencil. You probably have seen and used this one. The pencil eyeliner is very easy to use and quite versatile. You can use this practically for any occasion. Just be sure to choose a soft eye pencil, especially if you are just starting to learn how to apply a liner, because you don't want to hurt your eyes with hard-tipped pencil eyeliner.


Of all the eyeliner types, the liquid eyeliner is the most difficult to control because of its fluid consistency. You need to have a steady hand in order to achieve a flawless finish when using the liquid type because it can smudge easily. Once you have mastered its use, however, the lines created by liquid eyeliners are brighter, more pronounced and a whole lot clearer.


This is another type that is easy to use. A felt-tip liner is sort of a fusion between a liquid and pencil eyeliner. It's got the ease of application of a pencil liner and the consistency of the liquid type.


Before, only master artists know about cake eyeliners. Fortunately for women of today, the popularity of cake eyeliners has increased so there are many manufacturers who make them now. This is the best type to use if you want to have smoky eyes. If you don't want to invest in an expensive cake eyeliner, you can always use your eyeshadow to do the trick. Just make sure that you use a small brush to make things easier for you when applying lines on your eyelids.

Eyeliner Application Tips

Dozens of women apply eyeliner by pulling the outer area of their eyes. This is one mistake that you have to avoid. Not only will this practice contribute to eye wrinkles, you will also end up with jagged lines on your eyes when your skin goes back to the right position. The best way to put eyeliner is by gently pulling up the center part of your eyelid. This will give you a good view of the area and will also help in drawing a straighter line.

If you are just starting to experiment with using eyeliner, it would be best to choose a shade that is on the light side like brown for a more natural look. Leave the darker shades and kohl to makeup professionals.

Remember not to use liquid eyeliner for lining your lower eyelids. If you have to line your lower lids, it would be better to use a cake or pencil liner. If you don't want to look like you've stepped out of a 60's magazine, do not create thick lines. Not only will these make your eyes look fierce, but they will also highlight your flaws and make you look tired.

Lastly, you should remember to take care of the skin around your eyes. No amount of eyeliner or makeup tricks can conceal dark circles, fine lines and puffy eyes. To protect the health of your eye area, always remember to remove eye makeup before going to sleep. Lastly, use eye cream regularly. This will help protect this sensitive area and correct eye problems, such as eye bags, fine lines and skin discoloration. One eye cream that you can try is Eyevive.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Natural Look Wearing Make Up

Mineral makeup looks like natural makeup for a healthier skin. Mineral makeup is made of pure natural micronized pigments with freeze-dried vitamins A,D & E. It is free of any oil, binders, talc and chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin. Mineral makeup contains only pure mineral pigments in concentrated form. Mineral makeup's purity means that it works well with most skin types and you will find that it adds a day-long youthful sheen to your skin. Natural mineral makeup and natural powder blush is kind to your skin. Mineral cosmetics have their basis in ground-up minerals, including various metal ores and iron oxide. Mineral makeup can be applied quickly and easily with a brush or sponge.

Modern mineral makeup represents a major advance not only in cosmetics but also in skincare and your overall well-being. Mineral foundation powders also contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that act as a reflective coating which blocks the harmful effects of the sun. Since synthetic dyes, perfumes and preservatives are avoided in the composition of mineral makeup, there is little risk of skin sensitivity to the ingredients, resulting in a considerably reduced risk of longer-term allergic reactions. Essential oils are used in many natural skin care products. Rose oil is used to hydrate dry skin . Lavender has a soothing affect. Oily skin can benefit from rosemary, lemon and cedar oils. Natural skin care products use oil free moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin.

Humectants are used to draw moisture into the skin and rehydrate dry skin. The benefits to the skin outweigh the added expense. Using cosmetics made with heavy oils and synthetic ingredients can undo the positive effects of your natural skin care regimen. Grapefruit seed, rosemary extracts and aloe help heal blemishes and soothe the skin. Use the best products your budget will allow to bring out the best in your skin. Moisturizers help balance pH, and protect against the harmful UVA and UVB sun rays. Moisturizers is also made a natural look Active Moisturizer is formulated to treat oily to problem skin. It helps restore skin's moisture and keeps it feeling comfortable all day. Hydrating Moisturizer is formulated to help keep the skin feeling comfortable all day

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

Makeup tips for blue eyes are pretty straightforward. The trick is to learn which colors look better on blue eyes, and start with those, and then branch out with the colors that you are personally drawn to. Women have a unique ability to choose colors that are complimentary to them. Just because colors are suggested doesn't mean those are the only colors suitable for you to wear.

Colors For Blue Eyes

There are some colors that seem to be made for blue eyes. Icy pinks, silver, gold and violet all come to mind. You can expand your selection by also choosing taupe, gray, and other purples, like lavender.

If you want to add a little "oomph" to your makeup, try a bright blue instead. I know, I know. You've always heard bad things about blue eyeshadow. However, these makeup tips for blue eyes include bright blue eyeshadow because it will make your eyes really stand out. Try it and see what you think.

Also try turquoise, and if your eyes have green in them, mint green is a great choice. Bright pinks and fuschia are great choices as well. And if you really want to mix it up, try mixing black with another color. It will look striking and it usually best for nightwear.

Application Tips

Now, I wouldn't give you makeup tips for blue eyes without giving you tips to apply them. If you're already comfortable with your application you don't need to read on. But if you think you might like some guidelines to help you, keep reading.
Here's an example of a day look that you could do:

1.Take a silver shadow and apply it from your eyelashes to your eyebrow.

2.Then apply lavender from your eyelashes to just above the crease. Blend it well into the silver so you can't see a distinct line.

3.Then take violet and apply it in a "v" from the middle of your eyelid to the outer corner. Blend very, very well. You want it to look like a gradual change of color, not distinct lines.

4.Line your eyes with charcoal or dark gray eyeliner.

5.Apply mascara.

You can adjust the colors to be icy pink with fuschia, light and dark turquoise, gold and taupe, gray and bright blue, light blue and bright blue, silver and bright blue, taupe and green, etc. The list goes on and on.

Just play around until you like what you're seeing. You make all the choices and decisions when it comes to your makeup.
These makeup tips for blue eyes should have you seeing clearer.

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

How To Enhance Your Lips

Have you ever watched a movie or flipped through a magazine and pictured yourself with full, luscious lips like Angelina Jolie or Liv Tyler? I’m sure many women have longed for lips like theirs. Fortunately, women who aren’t blessed with this sexy asset no longer need to pout. If you are wondering how to enhance your lips, there are several great options available.

The easiest method of enhancing your lips is to take advantage of a few tricks often used by professional makeup artists; just add a dab of shiny gloss or high-gloss lipstick to the center of your lips. The shine causes light reflection which tricks your eyes into seeing instantly fuller lips. You can also apply foundation around your mouth area and then use a lip liner to contour your lips slightly beyond your natural lip line. Finish off with a lipstick brush to fill in your favorite color – just remember that pale shades always make your lips look fuller.

If you want to take this concept a step further, you can purchase a wide assortment of lip products such as lip enhancers or lip plumpers. For example, Hydroderm offers a product called an “Instant Lip Enhancer”. These products may contain various ingredients such as alpha-lipoic acid which is a powerful antioxidant that occurs naturally in the body, essential oils which mimic the fatty acid in your skin or even capsaicin which is an ingredient in cayenne or red hot peppers. This gives a whole new meaning to the term “hot lips”! Try out different products until you find one that truly does give you the bee-stung look it advertises.

For a longer-lasting solution to thin lips, you can consult a qualified professional for Restalyne or collagen injections. Both materials are injected into the lip and normally require follow-up visits to prolong the effect. Although the results are said to last 4 to 6 months, the injections can be very painful not to mention costly.

As you can see, you don’t have to suffer the thin-lipped syndrome any longer. Take advantage of a few make-up tricks, purchase some lip enhancing products or adopt a more drastic approach and opt for Restalyne or collagen injections. No matter what you method you choose, you will be ready to pucker up with your new movie-star lips.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Eye Shadow - Top 12 Tips On How To Apply It Perfectly

Your makeup is as important to your finished look as the clothing you wear, in fact, it can actually be more important. We've all spotted women who didn't have a clue how to apply their eye shadow. But we've also saw women who know how to apply it properly and they look put together and beautiful. Don't you want to be one of those women? Of course - and we are going to give you some top tips so you can do just that.

Great news - putting your eye shadow on correctly really isn't difficult at all. It really is just a matter of finding the right technique and look for you and your personal style. Don't worry if it takes a few tries to get it right. Check out these tips:

Always apply a base coat on your eyes just as you do to the rest of your face. Loose power works or you can apply your foundation to the eye area. It gives a nice even palette to work with.

Blend, blend, and then blend some more. I can't stress this enough. Try an experiment. Blend one eye and then just use a brush and apply the other eye. You'll instantly know what I'm talking about and you'll never forget to blend again.

If you want dramatic eyes, take your eye shadow brush, dip it into water, and then into the shadow, then apply. It will give you a much deeper, dramatic color.

If you have blue eyes, wear purple, violet, taupe, gray, deep blue, and black. Funky colors include fuchsia, turquoise, and silver.

If you have green eyes, wear purple, plum, forest green, brown, and khaki. Funky colors include light green, gold, and bright purple.

If you have brown eyes, wear champagne, copper, brown, apricot, khaki, and beige. Funky colors include royal blue, tangerine, hand hot pink.

Everyone can wear navy, powder blue, and charcoal. Fun colors include silver.

Apply a lighter shadow in the inner corner of the eye to reflect and make your eyes look younger.

If you want your eyes to appear larger, use a light color on the inner corner, and a darker shade in the middle of the eye area.

Practice until you get the application of your eye shadow down to a science. When you get good, your make up will look more natural and more polished.

Apply your dark shadow only to the eyelids from the lash line to the crease in the eyelid. Apply your medium shadow from just below the eyelid crease to the brow bone.

Highlight along the brow bone. Doing it this way will make your features stand out naturally and beautifully.

So there you have it. With these top tips you now know how to apply your eye shadow so you will look your best.

Remember that while you're practicing all these steps, that you should take notice of what works best for you. Practice by yourself, or practice with a friend if you find it easier to ask someone else's opinion.

And one more thing. If you make your face more youthful looking with wrinkle creams that gives results, then any make up that you have will be so much more effective.

So go for it and get gorgeous right away!

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