Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Professional Tips To Summer Proof Your Makeup

As summer temperatures heats up do you find your makeup literally melting down your face? By midday has your perfectly applied makeup fallen victim to the heat and humidity of summer and disappeared? Are you ready to surrender to Mother Nature and stop using any makeup in the summer? Well, now you can chill out, enjoy the summer and with these professional tips used by some of the world’s top makeup artists to look beautiful all summer long.

• Don’t apply makeup for at least 5 minutes after applying moisturizer.

• Use an oil free moisturizer or a moisturizing lotion instead of a cream.

• Use oil free loose powder.

• Apply a light dusting of loose face powder before applying foundation.

• Use a light weight liquid or powder foundation instead of a cream foundation.

• Use a tint moisturizer instead of foundation.

• After foundation and concealer is applied blot any oil built up with a clean tissue press gently into moist areas. This will allow the color to last longer and avoid a cake look.

• Use waterproof products.

• Keep your lip pencils, eye pencils and lipsticks in the refrigerator.

• Before applying eye shadow apply an eye shadow base.

• For long lasting eye color apply powder eye shadow with a damp brush.

• To keep eyeliner in place and color looking fresh, use an eyeliner pencil then go over the pencil with a thin line of eye shadow in the same color .

• Limit mascara to one coat.

• Avoid using mascara on lower lashes.

• After applying your color mascara apply a clear sealant mascara over it.

• For lip color that last; instead of using lipstick, apply lip balm to lips then fill in with lip pencil.

• To set make up and keep make up looking fresh longer spray face with a professional setting spray or a fine mist of water after applying your make up.
Source: Eileen_Hammel


Sara said...

the interesting thing is i've never had a problem with lauren hutton's makeup. Other make products would come off to easily in water and such but lauren hutton's seems to last through out the day or at least it did last summer.

Beauty Tips said...

Hi, Thanks for sharing this unique information... Really very much beneficial to protect the skin during summer.