Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Natural Makeup Look for Summer

Bright and bold colors are making an appearance everywhere with the onset of summer. Whatever the trends, summer always brings out the peppiest of colors in dresses. But many women make a mistake of wearing heavy makeup with bold colors which creates an imbalanced look which is too loud. Day time summer makeup should be kept to a natural look when wearing bright colors to strike the right balance.

Here are some tips on how you can create a natural makeup look:

1. Apply a little oil-free light foundation to your face to make it look even. Don't use foundation generously as it will show terribly in the harsh sun. And make sure to rub the foundation very well to avoid and makeup lines.

2. Next, powder your face with pressed powder to make your face look fresh. Again, do not use too much of anything. Only use a quantity that is necessary to cover your entire face and keep you looking fresh.

3. Give your face some color by using a light bronzer. Use a shade that is only slightly darker than your skin tone.

4. Add a touch of blusher to your cheeks for a glowing look. Avoid using too much of blusher during the day. Save it for the formal evening parties.

5. Keep lip makeup to a minimum. If you can do without lipstick, just use a clear lip-gloss and keep lips nude. If you must have lipstick, use a lighter, more natural shade to complete your fresh, natural makeup look.

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michelle said...

thank-you for the help!

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That is a good advise, thanks