Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nail Color And Top Coat For Assembling A Nail Tool Kit

For many people, nail color - also called nail polish, nail paint, nail lacquer, and nail varnish - is what manicured nails are a about. Nail color is fun, it's sexy, it's eye-catching and, if you choose trendy seasonal colors, it can be a cheap way to upda your overall look. Although there are perhaps a hundred different companies that manufacture nail polish, most of it is pretty much the same. Sure, some brands are thinner, some thicker, some more quickly than others, or wear better. Some companies in nail hardeners in their products, while other nail colors omit irritants such as formaldehyde and toluene.

There are numerous types of nail colors to choose between. One­coat formulas feature a concentrated amount of pigment, which gives you full coverage in one coat.

A polish with an opaque, high-gloss, non-sparkly finish is often referred to as a cream or gloss color.

Frost colors or pearl colors are another alternative. They come in a variety of gorgeous pearlescent shades and are formulated with ingredients such as iron oxides or mica to create a frosty finish. Nail glitters are colored or clear polishes formulated with a generous amount of colored glitter for a fun, fleck-toned finish - perfect for special occasions.

Top coat

Top coats are a type of clear polish designed to protect nail color from the chipping, flaking, and peeling that comes with wear. They are similar to base coats, but most dry faster and feature a glossier finish. Standard issue top coats form a barrier that protects your manicure from chips and other "contact injuries." To keep a manicure fresh- looking and long-wearing, many nail technicians suggest painting on a fresh layer of top coat every day or every other day.

Alternatively, fast-dry or quick-dry top coats are designed to help rapidly dry the nail polish below. Within 2 minutes of painting on a fast-dry top coat, your manicure should be dry to the touch; within 7 to 12 minutes, the manicure should be completely (or near-completely) dry. UV-protective top coats that contain a sunscreen are also available - these protect nail color from the shade-changing effects of sunlight.
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