Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Makeup Tips

Scars: One of the easiest and safest ways to make scars is to use colored tissue paper and corn syrup, yep you read it right corn syrup. Choose a color of tissue paper that matches the makeup color as closely as possible. The corn syrup will be sticky this will allow it to stick to your skin, allow it to dry completely then apply makeup. If you are looking for more realistic scars. Use a combination of toilet tissue and liquid latex, layer them at least 2 layers for strength. Then work to the desired shape you want your scar to be, and apply makeup.

Warts: (warning keep away from eyes) use black, or white pepper corns. Place on the nose using corn syrup, or eyelash glue. You can even use hairs from paint brush to create hairy warts for that extra gross look. Lightly paint around the area to blend with rest of makeup or apply face powder to soften the look.

Scabs: Can be one of the easiest, but most effective parts of your costume. You will need a few things before you get started. Some toilet tissue (plys separated), liquid latex and your choice of paint and makeup. Clean the area that you want to apply, and make sure there is no hair present (it will stick to hair) apply a small thin coat of Liquid Latex. Then apply 1 ply of the toilet tissue, and another thin layer of latex. Now pull up and cut the latex as needed, this will create the effect of skin pulled away.

Apply darker makeup to the center and alternate with red's and blue's around the outside of the cap. You can even apply a little fake blood to increase the effect.
Protect you makeup by putting some plain talc powder or baby powder in an old sock, and pat on to the make up. This will help cure the makeup and help prevent it from running or blending together, making your work last all through the night.
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