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Long Lasting Makeup - Great Tips to Make Your Makeup Last!

We invest in expensive makeup, we read up on how to perfectly
apply it, and we take the time every morning to put it on with
perfect precision. We do this, so that we can cover up those
fine lines and wrinkles without looking like we're wearing
makeup. We do this so that we can achieve that perfect moist and
dewy look without our skin looking oily. So that we can add that
subtle, yet vibrant boost of color to our eyes, making them
stand out, and so that we can achieve those perfect lips- plump
and pouty without being too whorish looking.

And isn't it disappointing when you dedicate all that time to
achieve the seemingly impossible, only to have your makeup slide
off your face a few hours later?!!

Well ladies, keep reading, because below I've included some
fabulous makeup tricks on how to get long lasting makeup -so
that it stay on all day long or all evening out!

Let's start with the very basics - moisturizer. Its important
to properly hydrate your skin before applying makeup,as your
makeup needs something to stick to (for those of you with oily
skin, it's best to use an oil free moisturizer). You do not want
to apply your makeup right after, as you need to provide your
skin with enough time to properly absorb the moisture, otherwise
your makeup will simply slide right off. Therefore, it's best to
wait 10 - 20 minutes first.

The next step is to apply a makeup primer. Primers provide a
clean 'base' to your makeup and absorb excess oils, providing
your makeup with long lasting power. They also have built in
moisturizing power, so unless your skin is particularly dry, you
can actually use a primer in place of a moisturizer. Some of the
popular ones include NARS makeup primer (which has the added
benefit of built in SPF 20), Smashbox photo finish foundation
primer, or Naked Minerals Neroli setting mist- which is actually
sprayed on after makeup application, rather than before, and
provides you with a radiant glow.

After the primer, apply a liquid foundation. Oil based
foundations tend to provide better coverage than the oil free
ones, however they also slide off more quickly. So unless you
really need the heavy coverage, opt for an oil-free foundation.
I find that the "mousse" consistency foundations also stay on
quite well, like Biotherm.

To ensure that your foundation is set in place, dust a light
layer of loose powder on top. This helps "seal" in your makeup
and blot any excess oils that may develop,providing your makeup
with long lasting power.

If you have really oily skin, you might want to try carrying
around oil blotting pads (clean and clear makes excellent cheap
ones). By blotting up excessive oil throughout the day, you'll
help stop your makeup from "sliding off" your face, keeping it
in place, where it belongs!

Next choose a blush. Your best option is cheek stain, it stays
on the longest. Cheek stain can provide some pretty powerful
color though, and it can also be a bit difficult to spread. In
which case the next great alternative is a powder based blush,
as those tend to stay on much longer than cream blushes. If you
choose to use bronzer instead of brush, also go for the powder
version over any of the creamy or liquid options.

After applying blush, head up toward the eyes. For eye shadow
that stays on all day long, try prepping your lids first with an
eye primer - like Benefit cosmetics FY eye, or moisturizer, and
then dab on a light layer of foundation to follow. Wait for it
set and then apply your eyeshadow. This should make it last
double as long!

If you use eyeliner, although eye pencil will provide you with
a slightly more natural look, liquid eyeliner will stay on the

When applying mascara, opt for a waterproof one - you never
know when you might feel the need to cry, or when it may just
start raining. Make sure to apply multiple coats for thicker
lashes and la long lasting stay.

And finally, your lips. Avoid using lip-balm right before
applying lip color- it makes your makeup slide right off. Apply
lip pencil all around the edges and then color in the insides
with pencil too. Dab on a drop of foundation to fill in the
cracks, and then brush on loose powder to set. Proceed to apply
your lipstick as usual.

Matte lipsticks are preferred.While they may be drying, they
tend to stay on much longer then their "moisture providing"
counterparts. If you're looking a "wet" finish, you might want
to apply a layer of sheer gloss on top.

And now you're finished - so relax and enjoy! There are a
million things you have to worry about or remember throughout
the day, but reapplying your makeup is simply not one of them!

About the Author: Anne McNealy is a professional freelance
writer who contributes to a wide variety of health and nutrition
web sites. You can find her secret trick for even longer lasting
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