Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Beauty Tips to Look Younger

There is no question that being a youngster is hard. The stress of making important choices about the future, romantic entanglements, a changing body, a first job, driving lessons, & so many other limitless items only serve to craft the teenage years more complex. One thing that doesn't have to add not needed pressure to an already frantic life is make up application. The following make up tips for youngsters cover a multitude of problems. Superior yet, these Make up tips will assist in avoiding general mistakes made by immature women learning to use Make up for the first time.

Make up Tip #1: Covering Basic Problems

• Concealed

• Powder

• Foundation

Acne is the plague of youth, but with the above items, most pimples can be covered well if not completely. The key is to choose both concealed & foundation that matches your skin tone. It is ideal to have a professional consultation performed to determine the perfect shade for your skin. If money is a concern, you can ask for samples from the area store performing the conference & use those samples to locate similar shades in less costly, drugstore brand make up.

Make up Tip #2: Read Your Lips

• Lip liner

• Lip gloss

Painting lips should be left sweet & simple. Select a lighter shade of lip liner & line all about the lips. Be careful not to line on the outside of the lips - simply stick to what nature gave you. Fill in the lips with the liner & then wrap with a pale gloss. Don't go overboard with lips color lest you be left with Kool-Aid lips for the remaining day.

Make up Tip #3: Adding Color

• Shimmer

• Blush

• Bronzer

Using just one of the above items will enhance a youngster's face delicately yet considerably. Blush, when used along the cheek bone, can create definition where there is none. When used on the apples of the cheeks (that is the area between the cheekbone, eyes, & nose), it can add plumpness to faces that may be drawn.

Shimmer can be applied to the T-Zone with excellent results, & bronzer can be used all over to create a natural looking glow. It is important that, whichever of the three items that are chosen, they are used sparingly so as to not look excessively done, & to let your normal beauty excel through.
Source: Lisa_Adan_Mills

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