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Eye Make Up Ideas For All Occasions

Make-up has been used for centuries to enhance, contour and highlight a woman's facial features. And all this time, it has been a mainstay in a woman's drawer, purse or dressing room, because what the make-up does to unleash a personality or hide it, and make a woman feel the confidence of her radiant beauty is immeasurable. Every woman would love to be beautiful and feel beautiful to a certain extent. Simply put, make-up is essential, uplifting and motivating.

Therefore, one must not run out of great eye make up ideas to liven up the face when needed.
Many women have perfected the features of their faces, their skin tones and moods, that they have found and discovered the hues and shades that work for them. But of course, one cannot use the same make-up combination all her life. Occasions call for different styles and moods of make-up, so as with the time of wearing it, or even merely, the skin tone or personality.

Basically, in choosing the perfect make-up, we all have to address our skin tone's qualities. Some colors will work for exotic skin tones, while some may work only for fair complexions. Also, one must put into regard whether they are wearing make up during the day or evening, as the shades may vary to a great extent. Lastly, one must know which feature of the face should be highlighted. Some may put more drama to the lips, while some may choose to add "oomph" to the eyes.

Soft Daytime Makeup

The key to using daytime makeup is to use a minimal touch. Especially since the sun is out on you during the daytime, bright colors or loud colors may tend to make you look overdone. The great hues that may be used by a variety of skin colors and types are in the peach family or the earth color family. Of course, a subtle shadow like cream or nude will be a good base color. A light touch of liner on the upper lids will highlight the eyes and perk it up. One great trick to make your eyes look big and bright and smiling, is to curl your lashes and use a clear mascara to hold it in place. For the cheeks, one may use peach or plum, to give it a natural glow. Use a color that will blend with your natural skin color. For the lips, a nude or peach/pink lip gloss or color will add that extra smooch to the lips.

Party Makeup

Of course, party make-up is much more daring and lively, something that will make people turn to you as you strut at the entrance of the party. Great colors to wear for parties are the loud ones, such as greens, blues, silvers and hot pinks. These are attention grabbing colors, so you must be able to blend them well with the rest of your makeup, outfit, and your personality. More especially, you need the confidence to carry them well. You may use a black eyeliner to enhance the shape of your eyes, or highlight it the way you want it to. A great flush on the cheeks that complement your desired eyeshadow should be considered. Also remember, that in choosing your lip color, you should consider this: When highlighting the eyes, neutralize the lips; when you want to highlight your lips, choose subtle colors for the eyes.

Evening/Formal Makeup

No matter what you wear or what the evening occasion is, always remember that an elegant makeup will do the trick. And when we say elegant, warm earth colors, or those in the champagne or rose families will create that mood quite well. Black eyeliner must be used to give a dramatic effect to the eyes, especially if you like to use a smokey-eyed effect, where all the focus will be the look in your eyes. Darker hues of blush such as apricot or terracota, to complement your shadow, will add to it. Also, a darker shade of lip colors in the families of reds, champagnes and browns will be a great blend to an elegant evening make-up.
Whatever the occasion is, always remember that make-up is supposed to make you look young and vibrant, not old and stiff. These great eye make up ideas are to be used according to your skin color and mood. Have someone to look at you, and make them add suggestions to your overall look.
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