Friday, November 21, 2008

Eye Liner Colors - Defining Eyes With Beauty & Style

Eye liners make your eyes stand out by accentuating them. You can define the shape of your eyes with boldness or soft focus appeal. How you apply eyeliner and with what colors set the look that you will achieve. Your individual taste will determine the amount of liner you wear.

You can define the shape of your eyes with boldness or highlights depending on the shade or color selected. Highlighting with liners can downplay other less appealing facial features. Don't attempt to change the shape of your eyes but use the liner to emphasize what you have.

For dramatic & glamorous eyes, use rich, dark and vivid colors. Draw even lines as close to the lashes as possible while remembering that darker colors leave no room for lining mistakes. Always brace your wrist and tilt your head slightly before applying the liner as this will create a good angle for application while allowing you to see what your doing. On the top lid, draw from corner to corner with a even stroke for a precise line. Use several smaller strokes just under the bottom lash. This will give a soft natural line with effortless application.

When lining your eyes, don't allow the top and bottom lines to meet. This will tend to make your eyes look smaller then they are. Try blending the top and bottom corners together with a shadow that is several shades lighter than the liner.

The darker the color, the more dramatic your look will become. If you have applied to much and your look seems to harsh, take a small eye shadow brush with a sponge tip and gently smudge the top & bottom lines. It will create softness to your eyes. You might try to practice on your arm or hand prior to applying to your eyes.

Mineral Liners are gentler on your skin then pencil liners. Pencil liners tend to pull the delicate skin around your eye. Great definition is accomplished by mixing mineral liners with water and applying them wet. Place one or two drops of water in the lid of the minerals and gently swirl you brush mixing them. Then glide the brush in one smooth continuous line. This will give precise definition. Avoid using short strokes with wet liners. It tends to look messy and uneven.

Lining the inside of your lids are not recommended as it can cause a host of problems including eye infections. Avoid sharing your liners with others due to bacteria spreading from one person to another. Always wash your liner brush when applying new colors. Even the smallest amount of color left on the brush can alter the color your testing.

Experiment with a wide variety of vivid shades to make your sultry eyes stand out. Blue, soft grays or soft black colors beautifully accent light eyes, while brown and plum colors intensify brown & green eyes. Whether you choose a soft focus finish or a more dramatic bold look, start slowly and work with the natural shape of your eyes building the color and depth as you go. Use eye shadow colors and liners that compliments the color of your eyes so that your eyes & face are brought together for stunning beauty.
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