Monday, March 31, 2008

Airbrush Tanning Systems - Beauty On A Bottle

Airbrush tanning systems is a quick and easy way to reach the perfect tanning.

A single application reaches for seven to ten days and since there are no UV exposure, the risk for skin cancer is eliminated.

The active ingredient dihydroxyacetone (DHA) reacts with amino acids in the skin and a nice looking tan is developed without any fear of getting an uneven tan.

Tan, a simple word consisting of three letters but still very desirable. The reason we all loves a good looking tan are of course we all want the feeling of looking beautiful. The truth is having a nice tan - we do. Most people associates tan to beauty and healthy living. These tanning systems allows a genuine looking tan without the very streaky results from hand applied tanning products. For even longer lasting effects from airbrush tanning a moisture lotion should be applied on daily basis. Modern airbrush tanning systems includes a aloe vera solution that moisturizes and protects against dry and aging skin.

Airbrush tanning do however have one drawback compared to a natural sun made tan. A synthetic created tan based on chemical processes does not protect the skin against UV radiation. As a result UV protection cream has to be explicitly applied even when your body looks perfectly tanned. Some airbrush tanning system studios do offer UV protection as a part of the tanning. That kind of UV protection do however only last for a few hours.

The very latest airbrush tanning equipment offers the most desired tan in a quick and healthy way.
But remember keep using your uv protection cream. resources in airbrush tanning equipment and airbrush tanning systems.

Article Source: Hermes_Andersson

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