Thursday, March 20, 2008

Design a Spa In Your Own Bath

The hectic pace of our lives and responsibilities makes it sometimes difficult to sit back and relax. A week at "the spa" is all we need! Why not bring the spa into your home and enjoy it whenever you can! Transform your own bath, through simple interior decorating ideas, into the spa-like atmosphere you crave. When thinking of that sanctuary, think natural healthy living and relaxation. To transform your own bath, here are some tips to follow:

Go natural with your colors and accessories. Nothing says ahhhhhhh.... Like the sound of sand and surf, so incorporate those colors (soft blues and tans) in your bath. Bring in soft mossy greens and browns to anchor the color palette. Get your inspiration from the outdoors and keep the colors soothing and soft.

In accessories, keep everything neutral in creams, greens, blues, and browns. Think texture, feel, and minimalism when choosing bath accessories, such as towels. Fluffy, white towels rolled up and placed in a natural wicker basket by the side of the bath is ideal. Group bath soaps and salts together in pretty glass apothecary jars, using them as accessories. Place lotions, extra towels, and other bathroom needs behind closed doors or attractively on a shelf. Keep this space very uncluttered and clean. Well-placed flowers and green plants soften the edges and coldness of the bath and add to the spa atmosphere. Live orchids love the humidity of the bath, as do other real plants. Artificial ones that look great are certainly available also, if your thumb is not green!

Now that the stage is set, we need to add the ambiance. First, use candlelight- soy candles are fragrant and burn cleaner (good for the environment and your home.) Place numerous candles on a tray, instead of scattering them throughout the space, echoing that uncluttered feel. Do not overload your senses in this room. If the candles are fragrant, add no more scent. Some popular scents are rosewood and lavender. Soft, background music, waterfall sounds, or complete silence are relaxing and calming, and add to the ambiance. Dim the lights, or use just candlelight for a soft glow.

Enjoy the moment of quiet and sink into the tub of sudsy water. Block out the outer world. Leave the cell phone behind. Turn off the television. The "to do" list can wait until later. This is your " spa" moment- relax and enjoy your new bathroom!

Source: Tracey_Schabel

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