Monday, March 24, 2008

Beauty Tips For Glowing Lips

Every woman on this earth wants to have blazing and succulent lips which gives a strong impact on men. A beautiful lip adds beauty to your personality and a woman can feel confident on herself.

Therefore the last rule to bright your beauty is proper way of lipstick application. Generally women think if they have only beauty thing with them then it can be lipstick.

Lip color creates whole beauty in you and can bring harmony. To maintain the beauty of lips you should always have lip color with you and re apply whenever required.

Always choose lip color according to your clothing style and blush colors. The color of your dress and blush should have complement with your lipstick but it does not completely match with your clothes or blush color it should have some contrast with respect to your dress but lip color which you are applying should have same concentration and choice. At time try to wear warm and cool colors together. For example pink lipstick should go with pink and blue colors clothes whereas corals and russets should go with yellow or orange dress. Therefore always be selective in your lip color.

There are various steps which one you should follow to apply lip colors. These are:-

1. Apply foundation all over your lips this extends your wear.

2. Via a lip pencil which should be soft and pointed, start making outline and give shape over your lip. Starting with V in your upper lip drawn to corners of your lip. After that at the middle of bottom lip make a line to the corners. Use your lip pencil all over the lip so that lip color on lips will stay longer.

3. Then fill upper lip with a lip stick or you can also use lip brush.

4. The next step is filling the lower lip, blemish it and then reapply.

5. To have more attractive look daub a gloss in the c entre of lower lip.

If you follow these simple steps you can have more glamorous lips which can easily catch others!
Whenever you define your lips with lip pencil make sure that lip stick colors and lip pencil should be in close contact with your lips. If you apply lip liner it should not be visible. Lip liners are only meant to keep lip stick in its place.

Make sure that dark lipsticks will make your lips to look even smaller.

Source: Robin_Brain

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