Thursday, March 20, 2008

Make-Up Kits

Make up kits are compact kits containing the latest and best make up products and accessories at affordable prices. They come in beautiful colors and shapes and look elegant on your dressing table. Most high quality make up products help you to maintain a fresh look throughout the day. Make up products are great for concealing birthmarks, varicose and spider veins, acne, age spots, freckles, dark eye circles, tattoos, bruises etc. In most make up kits, the make up brushes are color coded to the make up in the face disk. This helps you always to know which brush goes with which product. Various special offers are provided by most companies.

Make up kits contain eye shadows, blushers, brush sets, and two-way cake and lip gloss sets. Most of the kits are available with mirrors.

Make up kits are available for different categories of people. Thus you have student make up kits with color set powder, sponge applicators, stipple sponge, powder puff, flat brush, eyebrow pencil, and instructions. Dancers' make up kits are meant exclusively for dancers. These contain professional quality makeup, applicators along with an illustrated instruction booklet created by makeup artists. Then there are the theatrical make up kits meant for stage professionals. These contain modeling putty/wax, application guides, hair white, latex, spirit gum, crepe hair, stage blood, powder puff and powder brush. Certain make up kits for special purposes such as clown kits, cat kits, skull kits, old age kits, severe trauma kits, vampire make up kits, werewolf kits and witch kits are also available. Partyware make up kits form another category which contain party hats, straps, mats and decorative items which help you personalize your own party.

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