Monday, March 24, 2008

Simple Bathroom Treatments to Bring an Atmosphere of Spa in Your Home

The idea behind spending time at spas is to help you feel better when you leave than how you did when you arrived. Whether the point of your spa visit is to get a massage to reduce muscle tension or stress brought on by daily life at the grinding stone, getting yourself pampered with a facial that rejuvenates your skin into an incandescent glow reminiscent of youth, or receiving a manicure and pedicure that softens the skin on your hands and feet to make you look and feel incredibly soft and groomed, a spa visit indeed helps to relax you and to make you feel happy. This article will look at the different ways to revamp your own bathroom to make it closely resemble and feel like a spa.

Creating a soothing atmosphere of peace, relaxation and wellbeing in your bathroom using decor accessories can well be achieved without having to incur expense with renovating your entire bathroom. Simple tricks of the trade like towel racks, mirrors, soaps, toiletries and 3D kinetic pictures that produce sound can be deployed to infuse a world of difference into the one room in your home that can be quickly turned into a place of relaxation and pamper without the need to even employ a message therapist, manicurists and such like.

And now I'm going to throw a few design ideas for your home's bathroom at you, that can help you get started with creating an ambiance that closely resembles that of a spa.

Graceful looking towel racks that are large enough to hold body sheet type bath towels--providing they don't make your bathroom look crowded--are a great way to begin transforming your bathroom. And if your towel rack is of Wrought iron and with perhaps a shelf on the top, a display of scented aroma therapy candles and potpourri can add a feeling of spa to the room. Throwing in some bath items like soaps and body lotions can make a pretty delightful display in the bathroom when neatly arranged inside a wicker basket, or in the case of soap, perhaps unwrapped and stored in a large, pretty, clear glass jar. And if you rolled towels and washcloths--instead of merely folding them-in a large flat basket you could easily create a focal point that is esthetically pleasing.

To add charisma and a personal touch, consider using antiques to create charming storage. When painted the same color as the bathroom walls, especially, an old three-drawer chest or freestanding repurposed jam cupboard can hold hair dryers, curlers, cosmetics and other personal effects to give an overall effect that says "personal". If you have ample natural light to allow them to grow, Green plants can increase a sense of wellbeing as they do look great anywhere. On your bathroom walls, consider hanging kinetic pictures of cascading waterfalls that emit the sound of trickling water. Pictures-in-motion will in more ways than one contribute to the serenity of the outdoors indoors in the absence of natural light in the room.

Use bath salts and body oils. Do not deny yourself these pleasures. You do deserve the feel good benefits that scented bath salts, botanicals, and body lotions and oils provide. Pamper yourself daily! Spa treatment products you enjoy at spas are oftentimes available for purchase for home use as well. Why not bring that luxurious spa feeling into your home?

The personal touches and ambiance--as is the case with spas you visit--help make the experience all the more special and memorable. Your own home bathroom is no different. Incorporate the items you love, and pieces of furniture that add to that spa feeling and you can't go wrong.

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