Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tips for a Fantastic Home Spa Party

Most women rarely take quality time for themselves. If they're like me --we run around all day trying to please everybody else. Schedule a night out for your girlfriends, grab some healthy snacks, wine, and some wonderful aromatherapy products and you can seriously enhance you inner cravings for pampering without the hefty price tag.

Here's an idea, just take care of your friends and they will remain loyal to you forever. If you consider the needs of your friends like your own needs or better yet, pamper them better than their hubby has time for, they will remain your loyal customers forever.

So, this is your lesson plan for a fabulous night out.

First, obtain some wonderful aromatherapy products. The main products you will need are bath salts, salt scrub, a lotion, warm water, and some large tupperware boxes. In addition, a few choice products for specialty problems-such as calluses or hang nails- would be a big hit such as a natural cuticle treatment. Added perks should be a calming De Tox Tea that has natural antioxidant benefits.

Second, you need to set the tone. Set your room up to be just like a day spa. Display signs about the healing properties of lavender, ways to combat dry skin, benefits of a good DeTox Tea, reasons why your skin deserves the ROYAL treatment. Offer magazines with products to order as well as low stress reading material like Natural Health magazine. Set the stereo with calming music.

Third, if possible, the sound of water, is very relaxing. Display spa products in a high traffic location, but let the products speak for themselves. Talking can be very overrated. Reading, seeing, and using products can be more effective than listening to a speaker.

Finally, offer tools to enhance foot spa experience such as loofahs and razors. Ladies really do like to experience a complete pedicure but rarely take the time for themselves to enjoy it. Inner beauty, calmness, relaxation come when all the senses are alive. Lavender, in particular, has fantastic calming abilities as well as relieving stress, exhaustion, and restlessness.

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