Friday, March 21, 2008

Sunless Tanning

There are several ways to get that lovely brown coat on your skin other than lying down for hours together under the sun. All the methods through which you can get that great tan without having to be under the sun is called sunless tanning.

What are the different methods of sunless tanning?

There are two main methods of sunless tanning, these two methods are using fake tan products and another one is using UV radiation to get the tanned look. Both these methods are very much in vogue especially in places where there is less of sun throughout the year or with those people who do not have much time to use up while getting them tanned.

Both the methods have been time tested and found to be easier if the option of getting a healthy tan is not available. Best tan method however would be the sun tan, however, both sunless tanning methods to make up for a tan.

Which one of the sunless tanning method is the best?

Though UV radiation can give you near perfect tan without having to waste hours and days, this method is not known as one of the healthiest one. There are several problems associated with the UV radiation, these problems, are known to be quite serious in nature. Firstly there is a risk of getting skin cancer if exposed for a longer period of time to the UV rays. There are also other problems associated with this tanning method.

Another sunless tanning method is the fake tan creams or lotions; this method saves both the time and money. This method is also the least hazardous to health. However, just like any other method, this method too has its down side. Firstly, for those who are trying to use this method newly should know that applying fake tan creams can be a little messy at times; if you do not plan the way you are most likely to apply the tan cream effectively.

Secondly, fake tan creams can affect your skin; it can make the skin dry after some time. Using quality creams can avoid this problem, since most of the well known cosmetics companies use moisturizers and skin friendly elements in their products. If you do not dry the fake tan cream properly, it can get on the clothes, plus fake tan is not like normal tan, so you have to avoid water and soap or most probably it could get washed away.

For a healthy tan there is nothing like lying down under the sun and relaxing, however, some times commitments do not allow you the time to relax, so these are excellent options you can always try out. Putting on a tanned appearance is very much in vogue, since it gives you the look of being an active person and alters your persona to quite some extent, plus tanned look also allows you to try you different styles that normally would not look good on you. Sunless tanning can be quite as much fun if you can do it the right way.

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