Monday, March 31, 2008

Perfect Lips and Lipsense

Today's world is a world of competition. Every person wants to stay ahead of people around them whether it is success or looks. Everybody wants to look better than people surrounding them so that they would appreciate them. Girls and woman are more eager to look good than men. Girls feel a competition when some other girl comes in front of them and looks better than them. So they try to look as good as is possible for them. For women, lips are very important for their looks. They can attract any man by must using their lips. So hey got to have perfect lips so that they can look good than any other women around them.

Perfect lips include a perfect lip line and a perfect color. Shininess of lips also imparts beauty to the lips. Moreover, most of the women devote their most of the time of their make-up on their lips. They know that lips are the most important factor for their beauty. They use many products like lip gloss, lip pencil, lip sense, etc. Lip gloss is a substance which makes the lips wet and protects them from dryness. Lip sense is a lip stick which provides semi permanent color to the lips and is called senegence lipsense. Lip pencil is another cosmetic used to outline the lip line with the shade matching with the color of the lip sense to make them more beautiful.

To transform their lips into perfect lips, girls must follow some tips and tricks. Making the lips beautiful is the hardest of all the make-ups. The lip pencil should not be applied too hardly as it will override the lip stick making the lips look ridiculous. It should be applied very lightly so that it could just differentiate the lips on the face. It should be neither too dark nor too light. The brush should be hold horizontally to trace along the lip line and only a bit of it should be done at time to avoid overflow of color. The whole line should not be drawn in one stroke. Instead small strokes should be applied to decorate the lips. If a girl is in hurry the best way is apply lip stick on the lower lip and press both the lips together. This distributes the lip stick on both the lips evenly and the lips also acquire a good look. To detect the lip stick overflow the lips should be applied to a blotting tissue paper. The whole lip is imparted on it with the overflow of lip stick which can be cleaned.

Article Source: Robin_Brain

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