Monday, March 31, 2008

Beauty 101 Summer Hair

Summer is here!

You still want to have Fabulous Celebrity status Hair.
Many of you are enjoying the summer and are taking advantage
of the pool.
You may develope swimmers hair with chlorine build up, right?
It feels mushy or looks green.

Here is an easy solution for build up from chlorine at the pool.
Simple, after you shampoo and condition your hair pre- mix a
small amount of apple cider vinegar 1/4 cup to about a half
filled spray bottle of water.
Keep this in the shower for continued use. It works!

Spray the mixture on your hair, comb thru to eleminate
any build up of the chlorine for at least one minute.
Rinse and style as usual.

Your hair will look great. You will thank me and yourself later
for following these simpey directions, your hair will love it to.

No lingering odor.

The look and feel is fabulous, bouncing radiant hair everyone
will want to run their hands in your hair.
There you have it.

I will share with you more tips and secrets on how
you can use apple cider vinegar.

Until next time have fun swimming this summer
and remember, be careful.

Erick Mann International Celebrity Hairdresser to inform you and inspire you.

Article Source: Erick_Mann

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