Monday, March 31, 2008

Learning The Basics Of Tanning Salons

Tanning salons are everywhere that you look. Most towns, even the very small ones, have at least one place where people can go for indoor tanning. This is not just a woman thing either. Many men are now electing to get rid of the lily white skin in favor of the tanned look.

Everyone has their own reason for wanting to be tanned. It may be that they want to appear slimmer or they'll be taking a vacation and want to get a head start on their beach tanning. Whatever the reasons, there are some things to keep in mind.

Tanning salons in small areas are usually combined with another business, because the owners or operators know when to take advantage of a good thing. It may not be good for your skin but it is good for their wallet.

If they can get you to come inside for the sun tanning session, then they can influence you to purchase a product or vice versa. Another huge area of profit is the outrageous prices for its lotions.

If you decide to check into the salons in your area, then you need to know a few basics before signing up for a membership. The first is that not all salons are alike. That small video store probably does not have the money to spend on one of the newer tanning beds.

They may be using a model that is twenty years old and not as safe as the beds found in larger salons. You may get a cheaper membership price, but it may not balance out in the long run. Always inspect the beds before you sign any papers.

Tanning salons are going to smell like a gym locker room. It simply cannot be helped. Anytime you have people locked away in hot boxes, they are going to sweat and leave behind a body odor.

If the smell seems beyond the norm, then you may want to choose another location because it can mean that they are not cleaning the rooms and machines properly. You can take matters into your own hands and feel safer by carrying antibacterial wipes to clean the machine before and after usage.

There is more to tanning salons than you might think. Most salons now offer the option of using their self tanning lotion. The fake tans are sprayed on by a machine. You do not have to worry about streaking or having splotchy skin.

The spray on tans last longer than the typical self tanning lotions and are a really good deal. You will have to pay a bit extra, but it is well worth the cost.

Article Source: Mike_Selvon

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