Monday, March 24, 2008

Eye Make Up Concealer

Eyes speak volumes when it comes to beauty and make up. Therefore, a perfect eye make up can work wonders in accentuating the beauty and expression of the eyes and contribute to the overall appeal. As the name suggests, eye make up concealer typically conceals the blemishes of the skin around the eye and works as a base foundation at the same time. The formulation of an eye make up concealer is denser than the regular foundations and if applied properly produces a perfect and flawless complexion. They are available in creams, tubes, and sticks, and are rich in vitamins that help not only in lightening the skin tone but also in evening out the skin texture. The best concealer is supposed to be the one that is not soluble in water.

Just as the eye shadow, it is also essential for a concealer to match with the skin complexion and needs to be applied inside the nose-bridge and outer corners of the eyes. The concealer is required to be spread over the area gently so that it does not come into the grooves of the fine lines around the eye, which might cause an unnatural effect because of the congealing nature of a concealer. To test the suitability of the concealer according to the skin tone, individuals can apply some on the blue veins of the hands and if the vein is no longer seen, it proves that the concealer is ideal for the individual. Mixing the concealer with the foundation or an eye cream can further help in blending the make up colors and reflect a smooth skin.

Source: Josh_Riverside

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