Friday, March 21, 2008

Now You Can Have a Spa at Home in 6 Easy Steps

Hmmm…some “me time” at the spa. But if you’re like most people, these words are part of a dream. You never really get to the spa, even though you want to. Good news! You CAN make the spa experience a part of your life.

Are you stressed? Does life seem hard right now? Well, for a time out, you can easily create an aromatherapy spa in your bathroom tonight. Think about it – you will be able to relax at home while saving the money a real spa would cost.

Time to Get Started…

If you really want the spa experience at home, you have to take action. You need to complete these six steps so you relax in your home spa.

Step 1

Place any toys – yours or those of your children – in a basket outside the bathtub.

Step 2

Bring your favorite towel into the bathroom.

Step 3

Get hold of a cushy bathrobe and slippers so that you can duplicate that spa feeling.

Step 4

Okay, it’s time for aromatherapy soy candles and a nice CD. Choose some relaxing music and perhaps lavender scented candles.

Step 5

Now you’ll need pumice, for exfoliation, Epsom salts, and aromatherapy body lotion or aromatherapy bath oil.

Step 6

You’ll need at least twenty minutes for the enjoyment t of your spa. Fill the tub with hot water. Use both the shower and faucet to do so as it will help increase steam. Place some aromatherapy body lotion and a few teaspoons of Epsom salts in the bath. Put a match to the aromatherapy soy candles. Turn on your favorite relaxing music.} Take off your robe and gently get into the bath. Gab some pumice. Exfoliate. Enjoy the music and the aromatherapy soy candles. Feel the aromatherapy body lotion
envelop you. Relax.

It’s now time to put moisturizer all over your body. Rinse. Okay, when you are relaxed and ready to leave the bath, slip into your cushy robe. Last, reward yourself with some herbal tea – try peppermint – and thank yourself for making time to really relax.

Okay, you should feel good in the knowledge that you will soon be able to enjoy an aromatherapy spa just down the hall within your own home.

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